Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Autumn Days

Well, we never made it to Brown County.  We tried to locate an apple orchard on the way down and got lost on old country roads.  What a normal 20 minute ride to Bloomington, took us almost 2 hours.   I did manage to snap one picture on the way down.  Not much color left on the trees, but still it was very pretty out.  Beautiful blue sky, and just enough yellows left on the trees to make us smile.  

Twin Bridges one of the caves that was closed
We did head down to McCormick's Creek on Monday.  Still not enough Color on the trees. We hiked Trail 5, 2 miles.  The paths were covered with leaves, it did not look like anyone had been on the trail for awhile.  We did see some interesting sights along the trail.  It is sad that all the caves are closed due to White Nose Syndrome, which is killing the bats.  We used to take the girls into some of these caves when they were younger, now families can only look at the outside of the caves.  So sad.  

Read about White Nose Syndrome here:

I'm in front of Wolf Cave.  The yellow sign says the cave is closed and tells about the White Nose Syndrome.

A live tree, Brian is looking through.
I am looking through the tree from the other side. 

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