Wednesday, October 17, 2012 I am

I have thought about starting a blog for quite sometime and have decided now is the time!

I love to write, cook and sew ... of course there are other things I love to do as well and I'm sure some of those things will pop in from time to time.

The purpose of  this blog is to better my writing skills, share recipes and cooking tips, and sewing projects I have done.

On Writing:  I have always wanted to write for children, when my girls were small I wrote a story for them.  Years later I had the story put into print through, a self-publishing website. I have sold a few books, mostly to relatives, but it is encouraging.  I have a couple books in the which I mean I have been working on for years.  So I'm hoping I can motivate myself through this blog to complete them.
You can check out my book at my bookstore:

On Cooking:  I love to cook.  My current work schedule does not allow me to have a sit down dinner with my husband of 27 years very often, so in the mornings before work I am making dinner so he does not have to scrounge through the refrigerator and cupboards to find something to eat, or head to the nearest fast food place.  It makes me feel good when I know he is eating something delicious, and he is very grateful he does not have to forage.  I would love to share some of the quick meals I have been able to make for him and my family. Also some of the handy tips I have learned over the years.

On Sewing:   I have always liked to sew, but needed to be in the mood.  A few years ago, my sisters and I did a sewing project.  A round robin, quilt project we dubbed 'The Sisters Quilts'.  I have 5 sisters, we all started a quilt block, passed it down to the next sister to add to, then to the next, the youngest sister would pass hers to the oldest, who would pass it down again until it reached the original sister.  It took us over a year to make those quilt tops.  We presented the quilts at our annual family picnic, my youngest brother (I have 5 of those too) took a video of the event.  Every since this time I have had the bug to sew.  I am fascinated with quilts, the bright colors and the texture once they are quilted.  I made a large quilt for my daughter, however I like smaller projects that I can whip up in no time.  I will share some of these projects later, and some new ones as well.

I hope you enjoy my blog and will check back now and then.

Happy Reading !

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