Thursday, October 25, 2012


 I have several sewing projects that I need to start, or rather finish.  I know I should be sewing right now, however my body is not fully awake and I am moving slowly.  So I thought in the effort to continue my writing skills, I would post about what I have made.  

In 2011, there was a challenge on facebook.  The first five people to post on your challenge status, you would make something for them.  I took that challenge, I made something for all five of my challenges and completed them by year's end.  These are the projects I made.

Place mats for my sister Donna

Back of table runner

Front of table runner - disappearing 9-patch - For Barb and Kathy
Sally Brown on Sally's apron
Apron for my sister Sally

Back of Sally's and Lindsay's aprons. I recycled one of my table covers, which made this a sturdy apron.
Cats galore on Lindsay's apron
Apron for my niece Lindsay

Front and back of the place mat - with the tag I made for each project

Maybe that is what I need, another challenge.  Something to motivate me.  Like this blog. I am being motivated to add to it daily, or at least several times a week, which is also motivating me to complete at least one of the books I have in the works. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing these projects as much as I making them.  Hopefully I will be posting more projects soon.  

Enough on sewing, onto cooking.  I am about to make dinner at 7:30 am.  Wonder what I can make with frozen chicken.
Table runner and hot pads for my niece India.

Happy Reading !

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