Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Great Weekend and Christmas Inspiration

What a wonderful weekend.  We rode the motorcycle down to Brown County State Park, IN on Saturday.  Not many leaves left on the trees, but what a beautiful day for a ride.  We arrived just in time to eat lunch at the inn.  After lunch we decided to go hike trail 10, a 2.2 mile circular trail.  Of course, my stomach started making noises about a quarter way on the trail. I didn't want to end the hike, so I stuck it out and kept going.  At one point I thought we were walking in circles, I kept asking my husband if he recognized any of the trees.   It was rough, but we did it.  Other than my stomach acting up, I felt pretty good after the hike.  I also forgot the camera so no pictures this time. 

Sunday, we walked to our local theater.  We saw the new James Bond movie, Skyfall.  It was an okay movie, did not make me want to see it again.  After the movie, we walked over to Panera Bread for lunch.  Then walked home.  A lot of walking this weekend.  

We both took Monday off.  I was going to take the pups out for a walk in the morning, however it was raining.  I looked out the window later and it was snowing.  No walking yesterday, which I missed.  It seems to help loosen up these aging bones and muscles in the morning.  I can see the sun shining this morning....

Now for the Christmas Inspiration.   My niece posted a picture of her Christmas tree on Facebook, which I thought was a little early for decorating.  She works in a thrift store and they had just put out the Christmas decorations so she was inspired to start decorating.  In the end, she motivated me to start getting my Christmas past projects going again.  So for the last couple days I have been working on one of my books. Hopefully I will be checking that off my Lists page. 

Well, I'm off for a walk and will work on my book in a few. 

Happy Reading !


  1. Hey! You have a Blog.........Very cool! I must admit I love technology,writing and reading...... And now you have inspired me :)

    1. Thank you Chrystal. I'm glad you enjoyed this. I would love to read a blog that you wrote too. Good Luck!