Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sewing mess

A while back we bought a 5 shelf rolling rack and some totes so I can sort out my material.  It is very frustrating to have everything crammed into a cabinet and when I want to make something I need to pull out stacks of material to find the colors I need.  We also rearranged the extra bedroom to accommodate the rack.  So far that is all that has been done.  

We also purchased a good light to set by my sewing table.  I took it out of the box when we arranged the room, and was going to put it together and my husband said he would do it. So I set it on the sewing table for him to do.  Monday night I came home and saw the lamp together.  I was thrilled.

I'm not saying we are lazy, but this was all started before my birthday.  My birthday is in August.  We have been busy the past few months.  We did quite a bit of walking in the evenings after work this summer, before I had my work scheduled changed to evenings.  We have also enjoyed the weather by going hiking in several state parks on the weekends.  Now that the weather is getting cooler and rainy (today is pretty gloomy), my goal is to complete this project of sorting and organizing.  Here are a couple of pictures before we started.   

This is my cutting table.  Piled with projects and my serger. The cabinet has a lot of storage area, this is where most of the material is stored, I also have material in different totes in the closet and under the sewing table.

My sewing table.  Assorted totes that hold my sewing accessories, small projects, and extra material.  My sewing machine case is on the floor next to the desk.  That is a shredder next to the case, this room also serves as our office.

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