Tuesday, November 6, 2012

St. Louis Trip

We met our daughter in St. Louis on Saturday, November 3rd.  She currently lives in Missouri, and St. Louis is a halfway point for us to meet her.  Well, it is a little farther for us than for her, but well worth the drive to see her smiling face. 

Brian and I  managed to get stuck in traffic just arriving in St. Louis and I was able to take some good shots of the Arch.  We met FL girl  and her boyfriend at the Science Center, http://www.slsc.org. It was pretty neat, however I longed for those days when she was little and everything was new to her absorbing mind.  Going with a 24 year old is not the same as going with a 4 year old.  Nonetheless we had a great time.   

The four of us went to the Planetarium, http://www.slsc.org/WhatToDo/Planetarium.aspx, and laid on mats on the floor to view the night sky.  Felt like a little kid again.  The presenter made it very interesting.  I still find it hard to make out people and animals in the stars.   I can make out the big dipper and that is about it.  

Coming into St. Louis, stopped in traffic

View of the Arch that you don't see everyday

Joanna and Justin - T-rex stopped moving to give us a smile too.

Never to old to do something silly

On the way home, the moon was gorgeous
Next trip to see  our daughter, we will make the entire trip, as arriving home at 12:30 am is not our cup of tea.  We are getting too old for those kinds of trips. 

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