Monday, November 19, 2012

Surprise little trip ....

through the woods. 

Saturday, we decided to go get a Christmas present.  Of course, on the way to the store, my husband took a different route.  I did not realize we were going hiking first.  We stopped at Sodalis Nature Park.    They have 3.5 miles of trails, I don't think we did the 3.5 miles, but it was close. This is a great little park close to home, most of the trails are level, some small hills and valleys. A good place to take dogs for a walk too. 

We first started on the paved path thinking it would link us up with another path through the woods.  We soon discovered it just circled around to a picnic area overlooking the the pond. Very nice view, it is a great place to picnic and relax. 

We then located the entrance to the other trails, and walked and walked and walked.  I'm estimating we walked about 3 miles (includes the first picnic area walk). We came upon a picnic table along the trail, out in the middle of the woods.  Good place to take a rest and have a snack, however I would not want to carry a huge picnic with me, it was pretty far out. 

It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed the walk.  Now with the leaves off the trees, we could see the pond through the woods as we were returning to our car.  Very pretty.  Sorry no pictures, as I did not know we were going hiking and did not bring my camera.  I'm just going to have to carry it in my purse from now on and be ready for any situation.

I did however come back with blisters on my toes.  They still hurt when I walk, good thing I have a desk job.

We did get one present Saturday, now what to get the other daughter.  Hmm.

Happy Reading !

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