Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is over, but not the memories.   My Thanksgiving Day was uneventful.  I worked all day and thankful I have a job.  My husband spent the day cleaning up my apartment (I was extremely thankful for this) to make ready for our daughter's visit on Friday evening.    What a joy to have her home for the holidays, it has been too long.  

My husband's brother (C) and sister-in-law (K) had a gathering at their house on Thanksgiving Day with her family, but we are always invited so they feel like part of our family. It seems like we have always been invited even when the gathering was at my K's parents home.  Since I had to work, we were not able to get there until late in the day, just as the last of families were leaving.  We did have a good visit with his C and K though.  Then we had dinner at Steak N Shake. 

We celebrated our Thanksgiving on Saturday this year.  It does not matter what day of the week this is celebrated on, the food was the same and the visit was great.  Both daughters were there along with their beaus.  C and K joined as well. 

My husband cooked the turkey and was frustrated that it seemed to never get done.  He took it out of the oven two or three times before we decided it was done. Our tradition every year. 

I had gotten up at 5 am on Friday and made a pumpkin pie and a funny cake, our traditional desserts.  Years ago I would always make two pumpkin pies, one year I decided to make a funny cake and one pumpkin pie instead.  My youngest daughter like the cake so much she requested it every year, so a tradition was born. Both came out great and very yummy. 

We had all the other traditional fixings, which I made on Saturday through out the day.  Sweet Potato Casserole, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, turkey gravy (I was never good at making gravy from the drippings, so Hienz helps me out there), and cranberries (I like the whole berries, but I could not find any Ocean Spray this year, so I made my own, very easy to do).  I also made 5 cup salad and K brought her famous 7-layer salad.  K also brought chocolate chip cookies to munch on, they appear (and disappear) at every gathering we have.  I should have had her bring the cheese ball too, we missed out on that at her house.  

We had a great day.  Thankful to have my family around me.  Thankful for the  laughter.  Thankful for the food.  Thankful for the traditions.  And thankful for what we have.    

My pumpkin pie on the left and funny cake on the right
Now onto the Christmas Rush!  Thankful I do not have to work retail.

Happy Reading !


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