Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well, Christmas is over and we're looking forward to the New Year with new adventures around every turn.

We had a great time at the in-laws for Christmas on December 23.  My girls were buried in presents from us and their Aunt and Uncle.  I think they are spoiled.  Really, they are great kids and they deserve more than what we can give them.

We sent Joanna on her way about noon on Christmas day so that they would be back in Saint Louis before the blizzard struck.  Brian and I went for a traditional Christmas dinner -- Chinese -- to play it safe we ate at Panda Express, authentic Chinese restaurants do not agree with us.  Later that night we ate at Jack in the Box, not a great experience, the food was good, but we had to wait about 20 minutes for our food, and one group ended up leaving because they never got their food. Then we watched a couple movies at home.

The Blizzard came through in the middle of the night.  My work called me on Christmas day around 4:00pm  to let me know we would be closed on the 26th.  Brian was not able to find out until 5:45 am on the 26th.  Angie's and Eric's work closed as well.  Joanna said they did not even get a flake of snow in Saint Louis. 

Now that Christmas is over, I'm making my list for the New Year.  First, I want to set up some kind of menu so I can keep on track about losing weight.  I have already lost 23-26 pounds depending on the day, but have a lot more to go.  I have to be more focused on this and exercising regularly. My plans are also to straighten up the sewing area, which has been looming over me since July 2012.  I have a list of sewing projects to complete too.  Not to mention 2 books I have started and need to finish.  I did finish one book...oh it was the cookbook!  

I wanted to put together a cookbook of family recipes for my girls, so they would have some of the old favorites from when they grew up.  I have few recipes from my mom.   I hope they enjoy the book and use it often.  I gave one to my niece in Florida and my sister-in-law too.  She was very helpful in getting me some last minute  recipes to include in the  book.  
More on the list of 2013 in the next posting. 

Angie and Eric
Joanna and Justin
Brian and Ann
Happy Reading !

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