Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So where does the time go?  It is already January 29th, 21 days since my last post...I can see I started the year out on the wrong foot.  I have not accomplished anything on my list and this month is almost over. 

Besides my list, that seems to keep growing, I have the usual things that need to be done...housework and laundry.  The never ending laundry.  Seems like I no sooner get it done and the hamper is full again.  I don't mind doing laundry, it is one of my favorite chores to do.  Throw it in the washer, go do something else, throw it in the dryer, go do something else, take 5-10 minutes folding and putting away, and it is done.  It is the something else that I am having trouble with.  I think I'm overwhelmed.  Housework is a different story.  Seems like we walk in the door and drop what ever is in our hands. Eventually it will make it to where it needs to go, until it does no dusting or vacuuming will be done.  Dishes will pile up in the sink until I get around to clean out the dishwasher. When we have company is when we really get to work and clean. We haven't had company for months...get where I'm going.  I need to be on a housecleaning schedule. Ugh!

So, I printed my list off and I'm thinking of re-writing it.  Maybe breaking it down into what I will accomplish each month.  For February, I will need to get my taxes done, so might as well shred all that old paperwork that seems to keep piling up.  If I get those two things done, I think I will be good.  It is such a relief to get the taxes done, I dread it every year. 

Of course, for February, I need to keep posting on this blog. Don't look for anything spectacular, but please keep following my blog to see my progress. 
Speaking of time, I've got to get ready for work and I haven't even fed the dogs yet!  Got to go...

Happy Reading !

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