Friday, February 8, 2013

Get things done....

I have been fairly busy since my last post.  I had decided that February will be the month I will get my taxes done and shred the old paperwork that seems to keep piling up.  I don't understand why we have all this paperwork...medical bills, old taxes, receipts, etc.  

I have made some headway.  I have shredded about 5 envelopes of old taxes and medical bills (saved for those taxes).  I had save my taxes for years, the earliest date I shredded the other day was from 1994...I know I did not need to save them.  I laughed when I was going through them, I even had the tax instruction book and everything was hand written.  So happy to have TurboTax now...which I just got on for $20 off, most of the stores are only giving $10 off.... and I got free shipping!!!  My daughter would be proud.

I haven't started the taxes yet, I am still getting things together, almost ready though to sit down and get these done.  

Colored Knee and wool socks
White summer socks
More colored knee socks
Meanwhile, we were in the Home Depot store and they had shoe boxes on sale, 6 boxes for $5.00.  Cheaper than the dollar stores.  I picked up 12.  My goal is was to organize my dresser drawers.  I was getting tired of trying to find two matching socks.  I also bought some wool socks this year, which I find keep my feet warm on these chilly winter days.  Also, I was tired of sorting through the underwear, bra drawer and finding out I had no bras clean!!  I used the shoe boxes to organize these two drawers, along with the drawer that holds momentos from my husband and girls. 

I'm still trying to figure out how to get pictures on here that are in some kind of order, so forgive me if they seem a little spaced out.   

Happy Reading !
3 shoe boxes fit perfectly in my dresser drawer. Nice to be able to see what I want to wear.   

Underwear on the left, undershirts in the middle and bras on the right.  Now I can see when I am running low and need to do the laundry. 

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