Monday, March 4, 2013

I feel good!

I accomplished something yesterday. I fixed one pair of Brian's jeans, the other one mysteriously disappeared.  

The first pair had a small hole by the back pocket, I don't know why they don't reinforce this area with additional material on the back, before adding the pocket.  I have had to mend several jeans at this point.  It is not just my husband either, I have seen other men with the same problems.  Even one of my brother-in-laws!

The other jeans, the belt loop had torn, not just the loop, but part of the jeans had torn with the belt loop still attached.   I could have fixed them as the rest of the jeans were pretty good.  However, Brian thought differently and had thrown them out.  Oh well, I'm not going to stress about that.  

I also have Joanna's project almost completed!  Yeah me.  This project has been sitting there for quite sometime, half finished.  Took me about an hour to get it almost done.  Just some trim work left, then I will post pictures.  

I thought I just erased this entire post.  Whew, I found it.  Didn't want to add to my list again.  

Hopefully tomorrow, I will have  completed Joanna's project and finished my taxes.  I owe so I want this finished and be done with it.   

So off to chiropractor (looking forward to getting my back cracked!) and work.  

Happy Reading !

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