Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not feeling so good

I went from feeling good to not feeling good at all.  Started last week, scratchy throat.  By the weekend my voice was starting to go.  Monday, almost no voice at all.  Not good for someone whose job requires them to talk on the phone for almost 8 hours of the day.  I called in sick yesterday and today.  Too bad I have no motivation while I try to recuperate from this nasty cold, I could have used these two days to accomplish a lot.  Instead, I watched a few 'chic flicks' and not much else.  I'm feeling a little better now, voice is not completely back yet, but I felt good enough to go to the store and get some food for tonight's dinner, which is in the crock pot now.  I cleaned the kitchen, the sink over floweth with dishes, and  I'm also doing some laundry, which does not take much effort.

I haven't sewed since my last post.  Seems like I just can't get motivated in the morning.  I have to change my ways.  I need to get up when Brian gets up, that will give me an hour our two extra before work.   6 am....ugh, just the thought makes me want to crawl back into the bed and pull the cover over my head. I may have to do this anyway, I put in for an earlier shift at work.  I'll know tomorrow if I will be getting a 8:30 or 7:30 shift.  Not that I want to go in that early, I've become fond of going in at 11, however I do not like getting off at 8pm either, and would rather enjoy getting off around 5 or even earlier.  Maybe I need a part time job that pays double what I make now.  Now that makes me laugh.

I did write the checks to IRS and Indiana State Revenue.  So my taxes are done! I'd say hurray for me, however handing money back to the government was not pleasant.  Still working on shredding the old paperwork that has been laying around.  I shredded our 1999 taxes...how long do we need to keep this stuff? 3 years? 7 years?  I think 14 years was a little overkill.  Back then I did the taxes the old fashion way, paper and pencil.  I still  had the tax booklets that come with the forms.  Thank goodness for TurboTax.  Done in no time, no booklets and minimal paper usage. 

I did go to the chiropractor the other day.  It felt good to get an adjustment.  He said I must have been waiting for that for a long time....really, they told my husband I hadn't been there since 2004 and I had a credit on my bill of $19.95.  Over eight years, wonder if they will pay me interest on the $19.95 they have on the books all this time.  Another laughing moment.  They want me to come back for 4 weeks, 2 times a week for adjustments.  Okay, I got sick and missed the first appointment.  I didn't want to infect anyone there with this nasty cold...which might be where I picked it up the week before.  I go back Thursday, can't wait.  Really, I like getting my back 'cracked'...release all those gas bubbles from my joints.  The doctor told me he was happy that my hips were aligned, most people he sees one hip is lower than the other. He drew a line from one hip to the other, it went straight across the screen.  That made me feel good.  Just a few bone spurs, one in my neck, and two on my lower back, signs of arthritis...I shouldn't worry about them though.  Good, not going to.

Well, off to the sewing machine, see what I can get going.  

Happy Reading !
On our way home from NC, in February, we stopped in Berea, KYWe saw several of these painted hands in the old part of town.  Too bad the shops were all closed.   

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