Thursday, March 21, 2013

SEW Excited

My new sewing machine should be here tomorrow, can't wait.  Even though I was apprehensive about buying it (money is always an issue with me, plus spending money on myself is something I rarely do) I am really excited about getting this machine.  I have so many ideas for projects.  I know, I have a list going, but who says I can't make the list longer.  I have already accomplished a few of the items on my list, beside the new machine will help me with some of the projects on that list.   I'm talking myself into's okay that you bought yourself something.... it's okay you spent the will get things will make some money to help pay for it...heck, you deserve this!!!! 

Well, I have some things to do before heading to bed, just wanted to jot a note. 

Happy Reading !

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