Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fall Print Project

Sew... I mentioned I had a great sister-in-law who loves to entertain with great holiday family get-togethers.  To help her decorate her home I made her a Christmas table runner.  But wait, there's more.  I also made her a Fall table runner, so she can also decorate for that Thanksgiving dinner she no doubt will be having again this year.  Needless to say, she was quite pleased with this one as well.  

I used the same pattern I used for my daughter's project.  Here are the details:  
Fall prints I posted earlier.
5 1/2 inch squares ready to go.

The squares all sewn together.  This is crossways on our queen size bed. The table runner measured 90 inches.  

Adding the backing.  The batting went down first, the backing fabric face up, then the top is laid face down on the backing fabric. All three layers stitched together along all the outside and inside corners, leaving one section opened so it can be turned right side out.
Right side out, and pressed.  Looks pretty good just the way it is.  I used my new machine to do some of the fancy stitches along each seam and around the edge. 

Maple leaf stitch on all the seams.

This mess happened when I was putting the maple leaves on.  I had about three rows left. I had to cut it out using a seam ripper, then pull each little thread out of the material.  There was still a huge wad of thread still stuck in the machine, so I had to take the plate off to remove it.  While doing so, I noticed the needle had broke.  No mind, I needed to replace it anyway, with all that stitching it started to sound dull.  When I tried to remove the little part that is screwed into the machine, it slipped out of my hand and fell into the machine.  I couldn't see where it went either.  I turned my machine upside down hoping it would fall out, no the bobbin holder fell out.  However the piece of the needle was magnetically stuck to the the machine where the bobbin holder sits.  Whew, safely removed it from the machine.  Put everything back and started to sew, only to have the same thing happen in again and in the same spot!!!! Again, I did the steps of removing the mess, only this time I didn't lose a partial needle.  I moved onto another row and finished that section last with no more problems. Third times a charm.
Small leaf around the outside edges of the table runner. 

The finished product.  My cutting table is 66 inches long, so the table runner hung over both ends. 

And my initials.

Happy Reading !

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