Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was not a milestone birthday, and not very eventful.  I did enjoy my day though doing some shopping and planting.  

I have a large umbrella plant that has out grown its pot.  My daughter bought it for me when I had my gall bladder out a few years ago.  It has grown about three feet taller since then, and I was afraid it was getting top heavy for the pot it was in.   

My Hubby bought me a big black pot and a new stand, with four wheels, to put it on.  The one I have has only three wheels, which makes it easier to tip.  Before I had a chance to replant it, he found a cool blue pot, which was on clearance.  He found a second smaller one also on clearance and bought them both, with instructions for me to go get another plant for my birthday.  

So after doing some shopping at Joanne Fabrics and Hobby to feed that sewing need.  I stopped at Lowe's and found a jade plant.  I came home and did some planting.  

My umbrella tree in the small pot.  The big black pot and new rollers are behind it.

This is the blue and black pots.  Even though the black pot is bigger it is going back. 

The smaller blue pot which is sitting on the counter between the kitchen and living room.  This color is more the true color of both pots.

New jade plant.

Getting ready to begin the replanting.

Umbrella tree in its new pot and stand.

The jade plant.  The pot is pretty big, so I filled the bottom with stones and the pot the jade came in is upside down in the blue pot.  I might go get another plant to add to this huge pot for such a small plant.  

 When Hubby came home, he was surprised I had replanted the umbrella tree by myself. He did not want to risk breaking any of the branches doing it himself and wanted me to help.  I only lost one leaf set doing it myself.  

We then went to dinner at Cracker Barrel where I had my favorite meal: Lemon Pepper trout, Turnip greens, cheese grits, and a sweet potato.  Oh, and a biscuit with butter and apple butter, mm mm.  We walked around the store and Hubby found a top for me marked down sixty percent!

So today I am going to Home Depot to return the black pot, and when I get home I will be starting on the next project, making a cover for that ugly black foam. 

Happy Reading !

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