Thursday, August 1, 2013

House warming

In the month of July we found ourselves moving our daughter again.  We have moved her almost every year since 2006, when we hauled her stuff across 3 states for her to go to college in Missouri.  Of course, for the next 3 years, we moved her home, then back to college, then home again, and so on.   

In 2010, she moved to Florida for an internship and planned on staying there. So when she got her apartment, we hauled all her things down there. What a trip that was. Two years later she moved back to Missouri, another exhausting trip. 
Moving our daughter to Florida in 2011

This year, we only had to move her across town and away from the college crowds.  Though this move was tiring, it was not as bad as traveling thousands of miles from one state to another, and then having to unload everything.  

I made her a table runner for a housewarming gift for her new apartment.  She still would like to move back to Florida (that will come one day, I'm sure of it), so she wanted something that had a beach look to it.  I stood in fabric stores taking pictures of fabrics, sending them to her in a text message, and she would text back 'no',  she finally picked these fabrics:

Blues and greens for the ocean, tans for the beach.  The batik (2nd from right) looked like seaweed to us.
With the help of Jenny Doan's tutorial from the  Missouri Star Quilt Company  I made this for my daughter (see below).  I choose to put the tans mostly on one side to resemble the beach, and tried to keep most of the darker blues and greens toward the other side, to give it the dark blue of the ocean look.  I used one of the decorative stitches (a wavy stitch) to do the quilting, instead of doing the stitch in the ditch. My daughter was pleased with the results. 

Zig Zag Table Runner

One of the fabrics she rejected was blue with clouds and seagulls on it.  I could not find anything to go with the fabrics on the front in my stash, and the pieces I had of this material fit perfectly for the back.  So despite her not wanting it on her table runner, Mom won out.

I have also decided to 'sign' all my projects with the little dogs and my initials that my new machine makes.

I am currently working on two projects right now. I can't tell who they are for or what I am making, but here is the fabric I am using.  

Fall and Christmas Prints

Happy Reading !

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