Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sewing Area

Sew.... back on November 7, 2012, I posted my sewing area, which was not really a workable area, and kind of messy. We rearranged the room, so the computer stuff is on one side of the room, and my sewing is on the other.   We put the dog crate, which is huge for two little dogs, between the rolling rack and the cutting table.  Both ends of the cutting table fold down, and there are doors/drawers on either side. When the table is opened it is 66 inches long. With one side of the table folded down and pushed against the wall, I couldn't get to the doors/drawers because of the dog crate and a bookcase. When I needed to get some fabric off the rack, I needed to move the dog crate, which was not an easy feat in such a small room.   

Sew...I finished one of my projects, which was 90 inches long, I had to pull the cutting table out and open the other end, so I could see a good portion of the project. Now the table was really in the middle of the room, but I discovered that I could slide the dog crate underneath the back end of the table.  I can now access both sides of the cutting table, the crate is no longer in front of the material, and if I need more room on the table, I just have to open the front of the table.   Sew Cool! 

Before:  Cutting table, pushed against the wall by the closet.  I wasn't able to use it much due to the stuff stacked on top.  Most of my material was crammed in the doors on either side, which were not accessible.  My sewing table sat next to it.  We move my writing desk to that corner. 
Before:  Sewing supplies under and beside the sewing table. Not a very inviting space and not workable.
After:  the table sits in front of the window, plenty of light for daytime sewing and for evening sewing, Hubby bought me a new flexible light.   The material rack fit perfectly in the corner next to the table.  If I need more floor space, I can fold the table up and slide out of the way. 

After:  My rack for my material and sewing supplies.  I sorted the material that was crammed in the cutting table by color into the bins.  I chose these flip top totes, so I can keep the material clean and dust free, and don't have to worry about misplacing a lid.  The top shelf serves as extra storage for paper goods and dog supplies.  The space between the rack and the cutting table (lower right corner) is where the dog crate sat for months.  And yes I have three sewing machines.  
After: The cutting table opened to the fullest - 66 inches long.  The dog crate sits partially under the back portion of the table, I think the the dogs like it, gives them a 'cave' to sleep in.  When I don't need the full length of the table, I can now fold the front down, and still access the doors where I have larger pieces of fabric, more sewing supplies,  and my sewing books.  

Jimmy's favorite thing is to hide under the furniture.  I usually keep a smaller crate under the rack to prevent this, but it is set up in the living room right now from a previous trip.  Looks like I need to put it away.  

Happy Reading !

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