Monday, October 21, 2013

Been awhile ...

Well the last two months have been busy.  My work schedule was change for about 6 weeks (3 in September and 3 in October), making it hard to get things done.  I normally go in at 11 am, giving me lots of time in the morning to do housework, cook, exercise, walk the dogs,  blog, and sew.  However when 3 days of the week going in at 8:30 am, the other two days I felt like I was playing catch up.

I was Employee of the Quarter for our 2nd quarter at work.  Totally took me by surprise.  There were 5 of us that received this honor.  One day last week, we were taken out to lunch then we had the rest of the day off.  Can't beat that!

I came home and did some chores around the house then set out to complete that cover for the ugly black foam that my husband purchased to convert our coffee table into a footstool. I was surprised at how little time it took to make it, and kicked myself for not getting it done earlier. Here are the results:


To jazz up the table, my husband added some cast iron decorative pieces to both ends and sides of the table.  

So, now my plan is to work on some Christmas presents and have them ready for Christmas 2013 and not 2014.  

Happy Reading !

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