Monday, October 28, 2013

Disaster prompts sewing....

We had a disaster in our kitchen two weeks ago.  The garbage disposal sprung a leak.  It had been leaking for awhile without us knowing it.  

When I was at work,  my husband dumped a 8 quart pot of dirty water into the sink,  he noticed a puddle of water on the floor half way out into the kitchen. He said the disposal was spraying water all over under the cabinet.  He pulled everything out from under the sink and had to throw out several things because they had mold on them (how we knew it was leaking for awhile).  I have my plastic storage bags and foil under there and we ended up throwing those all out because they had gotten all wet.  Thank you for the huge bill at Walmart to replace them.   

When I got home that night, I finished cleaning things up.  Put the clean dishes from the dishwasher away, put all the dirty dishes into a laundry basket, and cleaned the counter top off.  The next day the maintenance man came over and replaced the disposal.  The one nice thing about living in an apartment. 

In the process of cleaning the counter top off, I noticed a cob web (no I'm not decorating for Halloween) on the top of my Health Master blender.  In the process of putting things away, I dusted the blender off and decided to make the cover for it that I had planned back in January.   So I took about half hour out of my cleaning to make the cover.  I had made a cover for my ice cream maker last year, which is shown below. 

Kitchen towels and ribbon.
Health Master
Health Master Cover

Ice Cream Maker
Ice Cream Cover

So in this process of making the cover for the Health Master, I realized we are getting closer to Christmas and the first part of my present was still sitting on the cutting board.  So the last few nights I've been working at getting this done.  Almost there.  Just have to do the quilting part and it will be finished, then onto the next part of the gift.  Can't wait to post these items.

Sew off to sew!

Happy Reading !

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