Thursday, January 16, 2014

Table Runners For Kathy

Even though these are not my current projects, I wanted to share some of the table runners I made my sister-in-law, Kathy, for Christmas.  The first one I made was for Halloween.  What fun this was to make!  I didn't have to worry about getting corners exactly matched up.   
Started with these fun prints, cut in to 1 1/2 inch strips.
Cut random five sided black on black piece of fabric.  I sewed a strip on on side of the black piece.  Pressed then trimed to match the edges on the other sides.  I then continued to add strips around the square building out. 

Panel 1
 These are the finished panels.  I built out with the black fabric until I had enough to cut a twelve inch panel.  
Panel 2

Panel 3
Panel 4
I then added 2 1/2 strips around the blocks and border.  With right sides together, I sewed the  backing, batting and top together, leaving a space open.  I turned the the runner, right side out and added a decorative border to the edge.  

The final step was to do the quilting.  I used a silver thread and the quilting stitch (looks like hand stitching) on my machine, I added spiderwebs on each panel.  The finished panels. 

I think it came out nice.  There are a few issues with it, like the silver thread kept breaking so on the back there are some points that look like a big knotted mess. Also, by sewing the top to the back before quilting, there is some bunching on the outer border.  These are things I have learned not to do in the future, so all is good.

Can't forget to put my signature on the table runner, also done in silver thread.  The spiderweb design matches up with the signature on the finished product so it looks like the spider took the time to weave in a design.

The finished product.
Happy Reading !

Watch for the valentine table runner next!

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