Sunday, January 19, 2014

Valentine's Day Table Runner

I really wanted to give Kathy something for Christmas, that I know she would use and that I have had in mind for her for a long, long time.  She has had several get togethers at her home for not only her family, but ours as well.   

I have posted four of the table runners I made her, here is the fifth.  

For Valentines Day, I ironed assorted fabrics onto double sided adhesive sheets, then cut out heart shapes.  I was going to use the pink for the back ground of the hearts, but the fabric just didn't feel right to me, it did not have a tight weave.  Since most of my materials were bought from an elderly woman when she moved to assisted living, I'm not sure what kind of fabrics I actually have.  So I found four different colors of the same type fabric to use as the back drop of the hearts. 

What is more romantic than roses.  This fabric I used as the borders and the backing.  I also made an apron from this when I purchased my new machine.  There was quite a lot in that stash I purchased.

49 hearts and the backing.

Once I cut the hearts out, I added sayings like on the candy hearts you can get at Valentine's Day time.  I did this on the solid hearts.  

This is before I trimmed all the loose threads.  I discovered that I should have done this prior to ironing on the background, it was hard to cut some of the threads off.

Add some decorative stitches around each heart. 

Added two little puppies to one. 
Some of the hearts, I added words after I ironed them on to the background, which I thought looked nicer.

Looking at this heart, it is a mess.  I can see the threads on the back. I should have done all the wording after I ironed the hearts on the background. 

I overlapped the hearts on to the borders, to make it look like they were thrown haphazardly on the table.  These are the finished panels.  

The finished table runner. 
I learned a lot doing these appliques.  So hopefully in the future I will not make the same mistakes.  Overall though, I think it came out nice.   

Happy Reading!

Next table runner is St. Patrick's Day.
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