Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What I've Learned and new goals

Thought I would post about what I have learned in the past year with my writing, cooking and sewing and my goals for 2014.

1.  In order to improve my writing, I need to write.  I did not post very much last year, and barely did any writing... my goal this year is to do more writing than I did last year.  I have only 42 posts on this blog, 22 from 2013.  Groan.

2. Out of 21 things I said I would accomplish in 2013, I did 11.  Of course, I added to that list (which I did not write anything down) when I decided to do more than a birthday present for my sister-in-law, and do a Christmas present for her as well.  That present kept getting bigger and bigger until I ran out of time. Watch for details of those gifts.  My goal this year is to make a shorter more obtainable list, stick to it and only add when it is done.

3.  Cook more.   We eat out way too much.  I really like to cook, but deciding what to cook is a chore, mostly due to shopping is a chore.  We do not shop on a regular basis, which I think throws me off.  My goal this year is to plan my shopping trips, meals and cooking times.

4. Sewing, this has been my one thing I keep up on.  Though I did not get everything done, I am loving sewing.  I still want to set up an Etsy account and possibly sell something, but I need to have something to sew.  I have all kinds of things floating in my head to make..just got to get too it.   My goal this year is to sew several items to list on Etsy. 

5. Budget.  This is the one thing that I know I want to do this year.  Not want, but need to do.  My goal this year is to make that budget and stick to it. 

5 sounds like a good number to stop at for now.   Now let's look at some things that went wrong last year with my sewing:  
Don't rush.  This happened to me twice while rushing to complete a project.  Also, ran out of thread and had to go purchase more right in the middle of the project.

If you drop something on the floor, find it and pick it up.  I dropped this spool of thread, which had a Styrofoam spool, on the floor, I couldn't find it and decided to look for it later.  Turned around a few minutes later and Jack had destroyed the Styrofoam and just the thread was laying there.

After quilting this, I checked the back.  What a mess, I had to tear almost all of it out.  Don't know what happened, but the tension was definitely off.  Below is a close up of the same piece.

Always check that the foot and the stitch match.  I tried to do a zigzag stitch while I still had the quilting foot on the machine.  Cost me 12.99 to replace the foot.  

Watch for new posts in 2014.  I'm planning on several posts with my projects that I made in 2013 and for future projects in 2014. 

Happy Reading !



  1. Elaine has an Etsy store, you could ask her for tips.

    1. I'll keep this in mind. Thank you

  2. http://thekrazycouponlady.com/tips/finance/s-m-r-t-saving-money-new-year/

    We are both doing the 52 week plan. I also use Savingstar like a savings account. They are ecoupons that link to my Kroger, CVS, and Marsh cards, and the money drops in within 7-30 days. Since it doesn't come off at checkout, I'm not able to spend it immediately. Last year I didn't cash in my money at all, and I have almost $50 saved up! We are going to turn it in for an Amazon gift card :-)

    1. I'll have to look into it. Thanks