Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Little From Christmas Past

I just wanted to share something from my Christmas past, about 40 some years ago. 

My mom was very crafty, meaning she loved to do crafts - sewing, knitting, painting, etc.

I believe she used to encourage us as well.  Seems like every Christmas I would receive some kind of art kit.  Velvet painting kit, paint by numbers, candle making, plastic flowers.  I once received a wooden paint by number kit, it was a winter scene of a Victorian town on a wooden board.  Along with painting it, it had tools to mark it to look old, like running a blade over the wood to make creases and a nail to poke holes in the picture.  I wonder what ever happened to that picture. 

I do however have the Christmas ornaments she gave me one year.  Two sets of paint by number wooden ornaments.  I remember leaning over the metal TV tray in my bedroom painting these ornaments until my back ached. I finished everyone of them. My thoughts would be to only have Christmas trees with homemade ornaments, however over the years and the assorted size trees we've had, I have accumulated two 18 gallon totes of ornaments (I have actually cut this down and donated some, keeping only ones that have some sentiment to them). 

I was not looking to putting up a tree this past year.  Our little apartment is little, with too much furniture and setting up a tree seemed like too much work.  One night I came home from work and my husband had purchased a small tree that fit on one of our side tables with out having to move all the furniture around.  He had gotten the two totes out of the garage ready for me to decorate.  So this year, with the exception of the angel on top and a small silver bell I put up my wooden ornaments.

Here are some of the ornaments. 

Our little tree.  There is a large stuffed Santa that my husband's aunt made when my daughter was a year old, she is now 28.  
The pillow was made by my niece when she was in school. 
Just a bit of the Christmas tree skirt is showing, I made that around 1982. 
I used to have an angel that lighted, however it was broken when the tree was knocked over one year.  We found this angel on clearance after Christmas.  
I love the simplicity of it. 

Santa Claus and the bell, 
because every time you hear a bell ring 
an angel gets their wings.

This looks a little like my dog Jimmy.

My daughter was about six when the angel was broken.  She saw how sad I was so she made this angel to put on the top of the tree. It has been put on all the trees we have had every since.  
Hope you have enjoyed seeing a little from my Christmas past. 

Happy Reading!
Note:  to view the pictures only, click one of the pictures. 

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