Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fun and Games Table Runner Part 3

The last of the Fun and Games Table Runner.

Part 3 - I Spy

I had an idea of an I spy quilt for a child, with all different types of printed fabric.  While working on the checker board I decided to add the I Spy game to this table runner.   There are two sections for the I Spy part.  Tic-Tac-Toe is at one end, checkers at the other.  

I cut out of several fabrics pictures that I thought a kid (or grown up) would like, then randomly sewed them together until I had large enough pieces that I could cut out shapes and letters.  I ironed on double sided adhesive to the back,  then cut out the letters I - S- P -Y, along with the following shapes: triangles, square, circle, heart, rectangle, star, oval and arrow.   This would allow not only to 'spy' the pictures on the fabric, but also shapes, letters, and words.   I then ironed these on two panels and stitched around them with decorative stitches.  Any where there was a seam in the shape, also was stitched with a decorative stitch.  I then cut strips of the assorted fabrics to sew a border around the panels.

I think it came out pretty well. 

Panel one

Panel two

Below are the shapes after I stitched around them. Along with the words to identify the shape.

My favorite, I like how the kitten is looking down at the ghost and the look on the ghost's face.

If you noticed there are names through out the panels. I added Kathy's nieces, nephews and daughter's names as well.  I thought they would  have fun locating their own name on the table cover.

and of course my signature.  

Hope you enjoyed reading about and seeing this table runner.  I hope Kathy has fun with her nieces and nephews playing the assorted games. 

The finished table runner:

I put all the table runners in a nice box, which had enough room to add the Fall and Christmas table runners I made her for her birthday. 

Happy Reading!

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