Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Almost 50 Year Old Project

While going through some pictures the other night I came across a project I started in fifth grade.  Spool knitting.   With a wooden spool, which are rare to find today.  When my girls were little I wanted them to each be able to do spool knitting as I did when I was a kid.  Trying to find a wooden spool was hard, until their Grandpa found a couple in his basement.  We pounded 4 brads into each spool and it was finished and ready to start knitting.  

Back to fifth grade.  I remember all the girls had their wooden spool at recess trying to make their chain longer and longer.  We would stand by the wall of the school and unroll our knitting to see whose was the longest. 

I have kept mine all these years and I still have some yarn to add to it.  The yarn itself has some sentimentality to it as I had gotten it out of my mom's crocheting basket, leftovers from projects she had made us. 

The wooden spool.  Someone had given me a package of stickers back then and I put one on the spool.  My question is why would someone give a child a sticker that says 'Stupid Ann Award' ? 

I had tried to wrap this on cardboard to keep it neat.  In the background there is a bag and several balls of yarn ready to add to the chain. We would cut different lengths of different colors and tie them together, making sure the knot was pushed down inside of the chain.

Rolled out like a rug.  This is on my cutting table which measures 36 inches across.  Gives a good look at how large this has gotten over the years.

  I sometimes think I should just quit this project, put it in a shadow box like this with the spool still attached.  After almost 50 years, I'm still thinking on this.

I love the bright colors.  Most of the orange, yellow and brown are leftovers from an afghan my mom made me when I was a teenager, which I still have.  It must have been some good quality yarn, it washes/drys real well and looks just as good now as it did when it was first made.

Rolled back into a ball, ready to put away until 
I am in the mood to continue on with the chain or frame it. 

Happy Reading! 

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