Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Daughter's Fifth Grade Project

When my daughter was in elementary school (one semester) the fifth grade classes were going to have a sleepover at a park from Friday onto Sunday. We are not big fans of sleepovers, especially since she had only gone to the school for a short time and we were not familiar with the teachers, students or parents, we decided to let her stay home that Friday.  I had to get permission from the Principal to keep her home that day so she would not have to sit in the fourth grade classes.  Since we had home schooled her prior to putting her in school the last half of her fifth grade and  making a promise that she would be doing something educational at home, the Principal agreed to let her stay home. 

We had a pattern for a Barbie doll house made from foam board and fabric which we made earlier.  My daughter wanted a barn to house all her little horses.  Using the basic idea from the doll house pattern, we cut foam board, Popsicle sticks  and glued fabric to make a barn.  Some might think this was just a craft project, but to me all the craft projects we had done were educational.  Measuring, cutting, gluing, what works, what doesn't is all educational to me.  We had a good time doing this project and she had several good years playing with it.  Below is the finished project which I found in my closet the other day. 

Front of the barn.  Ribbon was used to outline the door and window.

Back of barn, complete with quilts on a clothesline.

I was surprised when I opened it up and saw all the little animals and accessories still in it, ready for play.
The inside, complete with stalls, shelving and a ladder to the loft. Another quilt was hung to brighten up the barn.

The front of the barn becomes a grassy area with a path, pond and bushes.

The animals that were in the barn.  Also there were saddles, corrals, jumps (for those jumper horses), brushes, apples and much more.

Ten horses to fill the stalls, eat the apples, walk the path and wade in the pond.  
It was a great feeling walking down this memory lane.  My daughter still loves horses and I'm pretty sure someday soon she will be riding one of her own.

Happy Reading! 

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