Monday, April 28, 2014

Long Winter

Well, this has been one of the longest winters, and today, April 15, it snowed again.  At least the sun is shining right now and most of the snow has already melted...except on my car.  

It was mentioned the other day that someone had not received any emails that I have updated my blog, which was a surprise to me that someone would even receive an email about my blog.  There is a good reason for no email notifications, I hadn't updated my blog.  I could say I was extremely busy but I was not. I think this winter just drained me form any motivation.  So when it was mentioned that no posts were done, it motivated me to get started again.  So here I am again.

I have a few sewing projects started that need to be completed.  My apartment is in need of some serious spring cleaning. And I never seem to get the laundry or dishes done.   

Now that Spring is here, could have fooled me this morning, I started to take our two little dogs for a walk. We went on two days, the third day it started raining, then this morning it started snowing.  Okay, so the weather is not cooperating with my walking schedule. I'm wondering if we are going to go from cold and snowy weather to hot and muggy weather, with no spring weather at all.  

This weekend was nice though.  We hooked up our trailer to the truck, loaded up our motorcycle and headed to southern Indiana.  We can only sit on the motorcycle for so long before it starts to take a toll on these old bones.  We drove 90 minutes to Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell, IN.  Had a nice lunch at the Inn.  Then went for a motorcycle ride south of Mitchell, around French Lick and Paoli.   By the time we returned to the park, we were done for the day riding the motorcycle. It was not so stressful driving back home the 90 minutes again, if we had to do that on the motorcycle we would have been extremely exhausted.

April 28 ~ Okay, so I'm not the greatest blogger.  I was going to post the above once I added a little more to it, but then never got around to it. I did have to go to work.  

So now I have Spring fever.  I am not wanting to go to work.  I just had 3 1/2 days off and what great days they were.  On Friday, I went to a NRA Convention with my husband (he owes me a trip to a Quilting Convention).  On Saturday, I went to Conner Prairie, Fishers, Indiana with my Alabama sister-in-law (our husbands went back to the NRA Convention).  We had a great time at Conner Prairie.  Very informative.  It was like stepping back in time, the men and women in the period clothing spoke as if they were living in that time.  There were even children who were dressed the part.  One little boy was spinning flax, was full of information, and spoke as if he was actually living in that time period.  I was amazed.  

I will post some pictures later, but for now I do have to go to work if I want to keep a roof over my head.  

Happy Reading! 

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