Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Conner Prairie

Back in April my brother and sister -in-laws came up for a visit.  The NRA convention was in town and my husband and his brother went to it, while my sister-in-law and I went to Conner Prairie. I have lived in Indiana for 33 years and this was the first time I have been there, and it is not that far from where I live. 

I really enjoyed my time with my sister-in-law.  I think the most memorable time was when we went into the doctor's home where a gentleman had just sat at the old piano.  He played a tune for us. Then as we walked around the home, he would pop up next to us and start a conversation.  He even showed my sister-in-law how to properly put a hat on so it would not hide her face.  

Here are some of the pictures from our visit.  

Sister-in-law checking out the Hoosier Cabinet

Box weaving...gave me ideas to do this with fabric.



One of the many homes on the property.

Shearing the sheep.

That is a lot of wool.

Different kinds of sheep.  Some have already met with the Shearer.

Lama.  They were not cooperating with getting their pictures taken.

Someone opened a gate and these goats and sheep came running out.

What a cutie.

This is the fireplace in the kitchen of the house above. 

Inside the brick home.  The guide was very knowledgeable about the home.

The rug was woven right on the property by volunteers.  We were told they did it in 4 sections because it is so big and it took over a year to make.

I thought this was a really bad linoleum job.  It was actually painted canvas.  I like the marble effect they did. This was also done by a volunteer.

Some of the old dishes that can be seen throughout Conner Prairie.

One of the many looms.

A work in progress.  I love the blue and white.  Many of the loom projects are sold in the gift store.

One of the spinning wheels, with a basket of the wool that came from one of the sheep on the property.

Candle making.  The pot of beeswax smelled good.

Cute little babies that were running around in the field.

The Doctor's House.

A picture in the doctor's home.

More of the fine china.

Instead of wall paper, the walls were painted.

The local store.

FABRIC!!!  The blue cones on top are sugar.  It was easier to ship in a solid form, as granule sugar could shift and cause accidents.

More china.

A wooden barrel with wooden straps.

The gentleman who played the piano for us.  His sister sitting on the settee.

Having a conversation with us.

Hand quilting.

A bud vase.

A pretty pot.

More china.  Love the blue and white.

A secretary desk.   It was missing it's fold down desk.

Rowena did a good job on her sampler in 1790.
This is for making skeins of yarn so it can then be dipped into dye.

Pottery Shelves.   I thought this would be a neat way to do a pantry.

Cracking the flax.

This lad was spinning flax. 

Wash bowl and pitcher.  I have always wanted to have a set of these. 

More of the blue and white china.

Some of the chickens that roamed. 

If you are ever in the Indianapolis area, I would recommend checking Conner Prairie out.  Especially if you have children, lots of on-hand activities. 

Happy Reading! 

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