Sunday, September 21, 2014

In my abscence

Hello, I have been very busy the last few months.  

We moved at the end of June, but it took me May and all of June to pack.  Two days to move with just me and my husband, my feet hurt so bad that even my toes ached.  We did not get a garage right away at our new apartment, so we were traveling those 11 miles back if we wanted to go riding on the motorcycle. Finally after we were here a month, we were able to get a garage down the street, so now we would be walking a block to get the cycle.  Then last month we got a garage right across the street from our building. 2 moves for the garage stuff.  NICE.  

It still is taking us time to unpack everything we have.  I have most of the apartment done, the garage still needs to be organized.  We also had to deal with a bad dishwasher when we moved in.  Of course after washing all the dishes and china it decided to show its ugly side.  I opened it one night after washing the dinner dishes only to find little black pieces of garbage all over the dishes and inside of the washer, and because of the heat cycle, they were baked on.  It took me several hours and a lot of elbow grease to wash all those dishes again.  After several attempts to get the machine clean (by us and the complex), we wanted a new dishwasher and got it.  One thing down, now if I could find time to wash all that china again.

My husband hooked up the washing machine, I turned it on and went about my business.  Suddenly I heard a gush of water, opened the laundry door only to see water spraying everywhere.  The drain hose was busted, in several places.   We couldn't find the part anywhere, so we ordered a new washer.  Not in our plans to spend another $450 after just moving.  I took one more look online and found that a local supplier had one of the hoses on hand.  We drove to the north of the city that night and picked it up, then cancelled our new washer. My husband put the hose on and we saved $438.  

While I was working on a project in May, my new sewing machine suddenly stopped.  QUIT!.  We went to the local Singer repair shop to be told they no longer work on Singers.  What a disappointment, but I did see several machines I would like to get.  I was able to locate a shop in Louisville, KY who still did work on the Singers.  When I called, the guy knew exactly what was wrong with it.  So after the move, I shipped it to him and got it back a couple weeks later. I did have to pay about $50 for shipping to and from, however because I used a Mastercard to purchase it, I was able to get the labor cost back through the extended warranty.  YEAH!  
It is now working like a charm and I was able to finish the project and gave it to my sister-in-law this morning.  

When we moved 4 years ago, my cutting table was chipped on one of the corners.  During this move, it broke off completely.  My husband, the handyman, was able to fix it, which it is hard to fix press wood.   Besides the color being off (looks like someone put some paint on that corner) you can't tell that it was ever broken.

So now that the move, broken appliances, and sewing machine episodes are over with, I'm planning on writing more.  

A look at the start of my sister-in-law's gift.

Happy Reading! 

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