Saturday, October 18, 2014

Christmas Treats

Remember all that Christmas fabric I got a good deal on after Christmas.  Well something has to be done with it.  Not sure where I found this pattern, but it is easy and looks so cool.  I still have to do the quilting part, but here is the first of this quilt.

I cut three fabrics into several 2 1/2 inch strips. Then sewed one of each fabric strip together, keeping them in the same order. I then cut them into blocks the same length as they were wide. This is what one block looked like.

By alternating the blocks first horizontally then vertically, I got a zigzag pattern.

Another view. 
Stitching the blocks together.

One row at a time.
The rows sewn together. Jack is watching everything I do and follows me from one room to the next.

A better view.  I love how the white zigzag just pops out and the red makes it look 3-dimensional.

At this point, I put the quilt top away.  I was not sure how I wanted to finish it, it looked like it needed something else. 
Well, between moving, machines breaking down, and changing work schedules, I was not able to pull this out until after I finished Wanda's quilt.  This long period of time also allowed me to think on what to do next.  

The quilt top I made my husband's aunt had no borders so it was pretty small, but big enough for her to lay across her lap.  The Christmas in Paris top, I did add a border, so it made it a little bigger.  I was still not happy with the size.  I don't want to do huge quilts, like my daughter's, again, as it is too much for me to handle.  The size I made for Wanda, was a nice size, small enough for me to handle, but big enough for her to cuddle under. 

So I started adding a border, then another, and another, and one more just to be sure.

First a green border. The plain green will be used in the back as well as the main print fabrics.

Then with the leftover strips (I cut a lot!) I did a border of each of the main fabrics, keeping them in the order I did when making the blocks.

Added my initials to the green border.  Also I started adding the year it was made.

Playing around with my sewing machine, I made a label to put on the back once it is complete.  It looks kind of sloppy right now because I have not removed all the extra threads.

I'm putting this away for now, got to get going on Christmas presents. I have several things in mind to make this year, so need to get going on them.  

Check back to see what I do with this fabric. 

Happy Reading! 


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