Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sister's Quilts

Back in 2004 one of my five sisters thought it would be a good idea to do a round robin with the six of us.  We all agreed.  Little did we know it would take us a full year plus to finish these quilt tops.  

For those who are not familiar with  round robin quilting, I'll attempt to explain.  Each of us made a quilt block.  We then passed it down to the next youngest sister to add onto it, with the exception of the youngest sister who passed it up to the oldest sister.  We did this until all sisters had a hand in sewing on the quilt top. 

Our talents with sewing range from extremely experienced quilter, garment sewer, 'I'll try any kind of sewing' to 'took sewing in high school, don't own a machine'.  With the help of the experienced quilter, everyone was able to complete their portions of the quilts.

We started these at All Girls Weekend in July 2004 and presented each sister with their quilt top at our Family Reunion in August 2005.  

This little adventure was the start of me wanting to quilt.  I have sewed in the past, making clothing for myself and my daughters, doll clothes, aprons, appliance covers, even made the diaper bag I used for both of my children.  I really enjoyed piecing the quilts when I was doing this and it has started me wanting to do more.  And I really love the look and feel of the finished products.

Here are the pictures from our 2004 Sister Quilt project. 

This is my first block.

My finished quilt top.

Barb's quilt block.

Barb's finished quilt top.

Donna's quilt block.

Donna's finished quilt top.

Emily's quilt block.

Pat's quilt block.

Pat's finished quilt top.

Sally's quilt block.

Sally's finished quilt top. 

My next post will be about the quilt I made my Sister-in-Law Wanda as a thank you gift for taking me to Conner Prairie back in April 2014.   

Happy Reading! 

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