Sunday, January 11, 2015

Half Hour Stocking Stuffer

I have subscribed to BLOCK magazine from the Missouri Star Quilt Company since they started publishing it.  It is a great little magazine, with all kinds of tips on quilting, project ideas to choose from, and stories from the Doan family and friends.  

When we moved in July, I received an issue of BLOCK that I thought was the latest issue.  However when viewing the site I discovered there were two more issues I had not received.  I emailed the company and within a few days I had received the two missing issues. 

In one of the missing issues was a pattern for a Table Topper.  I made one for Kathy to match her quilt.  It went together so easily, that I decided to make several.  In a couple hours I had 5 made.  

This is Kathy's table topper.

Though a little blurry, this is the use of one of these Table Toppers.  Under a coffee mug or vase. 

Getting ready to sew.  I used a Wacky Web template from MSQC.

The top sewn together.

Iron the top onto fusible fleece and cut the excess off.  Next with right sides together I stitched the top to the backing material leaving a small opening for turning.   Trim off the excess backing material.

Turn, press and stitch around the seams in a continuous line.

The finished products -

Each one got my initials too.

A little extra, I made a tag to attach to each one.

Thank you for your patience and keep watching for future post.

Happy Reading! 


Monday, January 5, 2015

Gift For Kathy

Remember this?  I asked that you check back to see what I made with this.  

An assortment of pinks and greens, two of Kathy's favorite colors.  I cut these five inch squares from material I had on hand.  Large pieces with strange cuts on one end, I was able to cut several squares out of the one end and still have a nice size piece of material left over.  I must have gone cutting crazy, because I sure have a lot of five inch squares left over.

Short story about the material:  I had bought a small dresser packed full of material from an elderly woman who was getting ready to move into assisted living.  She made beautiful quilts and she had this little stock pile of material and offered it to me for $35.  My husband got his two wheeler and we moved the little dresser from her house, across the street, into mine.  I have been trying to use most of it in my projects instead of buying more fabric, but that does not always work out either and I find myself back at the fabric counter getting more material.  

I chose a Lattice pattern that I had found in Missouri Star Quilt Company's new magazine BLOCK. Watching the tutorial helps to see exactly what the block should look like going step by step.  

I cut all the 5 inch squares diagonally and cut 1 1/2 inch by 8 inch out of white on white fabric.

Long chain of sewing the triangles on to the white strips.  Matching greens and pinks so no two are on the same white strip.

Two triangles to one white rectangle.  Matching them so that the triangles were the same distance from the ends was difficult.  A trick was to fold the white piece in half and the triangles in half making a sharp crease, then matching the crease before sewing. 
Pressed new block.

Pressed the block in half to prepare to cut off the excess and square up the block.
Squaring up and cutting off excess. 

Ready for the next step.

I was anxious about seeing what this would look like, so I laid it out before pressing the blocks flat.  I like the 3-D look. 

Another view.

Pressed and ready to sew.

All the blocks sewn together.

Border one, the same white on white I used for the lattice to tie it together.

Border two.

Border three.

Final border. 

Some of the quilting I did.  Nothing fancy, just straight stitches. 

Another straight stitch.  I would try to do different designs in each block.

Along with some of the straight stitching, I would use one of my decorative stitches.  This one came out good.

Ready for the binding.

I put the roll of binding on the lever of my sewing table.  This was cool as it was not dragging all over the floor and I was able to unroll a little at a time. 

The finished back.  You can tell what sections have more quilting than others.  The lower right hand area I tried to put the letter 'K'.  It did not come out as I wanted but I was not going to rip all that out. 

The finished front.  Though my corners did not always match up, I like how it came out.

Final Touches - Label on the back and my initials on the front.

Come back soon as I will be posting a quick stocking stuffer I found in another BLOCK magazine.

Happy Reading! 


Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year

Happy New Year!  2015, this I just can't believe.  It seems like yesterday we were preparing for Y2K.  Where did the last 15 years go?  Where did 2014 go?  

Time seems to just fly by and there never seems to be enough time to do all that I want to do.  

Last year I made several goals, none of which I obtained.  Maybe I should have printed my list and referred to it several times through out the year.  Maybe this year I should just make one goal and make sure I obtain it.   Sew more, eat less, exercise more, stress less, budget more, spend less, write more, dine out less, cook more ... gee, what should I concentrate on.  Maybe I should just have fun.

So to start the year off I am going to start a fun project from Leah Day called Building Blocks Quilt.  She did a quilt along in 2014 which I was already doing other things so could not join.  I purchased the pattern for myself for Christmas 2014 and am planning on making this my next project. I just purchased the material and have a few more items to pick up, then I will start cutting, cutting and cutting to prepare for the sewing.  Hopefully, by the end of this project I will have learned to piece several different kinds of blocks and most importantly free motion quilting.  Bonus, I will have a finished quilt. 
The pattern has 103 pages of directions on piecing and free motion quilting.   It came loose leaf, so first thing I did was get a notebook and sheet protectors to keep it all nice and neat.  She also has a download version.

My two colors for the front.  I was going to do a blue however I could not find the right shade and something to go with it. I really like the colors that Leah Day had on hers, but I did not want to do an exact copy.  I asked my husband what he thought about a burgundy and green, but it really looked to much like Christmas colors.  He pulled the orange down with the green, then a tan, then he said how does the black look with the orange.  Of course it looks great as these are the same colors on the Harley Davidson shirts. So I'm going with those colors, not just because he picked them, because I like them too.  The orange is not quite this bright, it is more of a burnt orange.

I'm planning on posting throughout this project so please come back and check on my progress. I'm most excited about learning the free motion quilting part.     

Have a great 2015!

Happy Reading!