Sunday, January 11, 2015

Half Hour Stocking Stuffer

I have subscribed to BLOCK magazine from the Missouri Star Quilt Company since they started publishing it.  It is a great little magazine, with all kinds of tips on quilting, project ideas to choose from, and stories from the Doan family and friends.  

When we moved in July, I received an issue of BLOCK that I thought was the latest issue.  However when viewing the site I discovered there were two more issues I had not received.  I emailed the company and within a few days I had received the two missing issues. 

In one of the missing issues was a pattern for a Table Topper.  I made one for Kathy to match her quilt.  It went together so easily, that I decided to make several.  In a couple hours I had 5 made.  

This is Kathy's table topper.

Though a little blurry, this is the use of one of these Table Toppers.  Under a coffee mug or vase. 

Getting ready to sew.  I used a Wacky Web template from MSQC.

The top sewn together.

Iron the top onto fusible fleece and cut the excess off.  Next with right sides together I stitched the top to the backing material leaving a small opening for turning.   Trim off the excess backing material.

Turn, press and stitch around the seams in a continuous line.

The finished products -

Each one got my initials too.

A little extra, I made a tag to attach to each one.

Thank you for your patience and keep watching for future post.

Happy Reading! 


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