Sunday, February 1, 2015

Buffet Project

I've started the Building Block Quilt which is going slowly.  Still trying to get the hang of the quilting part.  I will have a post with pictures of my progress soon.  I did want to show another project that was a collaboration with my husband. 

Neither of us drank coffee, but we were looking at getting a Keurig so when we had company we could offer our guests coffee to drink and the fact I did not have to make a huge pot was a plus. Lucky for me, I won one at work at about the same time we were looking for one. 

Living in an apartment does not afford much counter space to have this on the counter.  So for months we have been looking for a small table to place the Keurig on.  We were also looking for something to hold a few bottles of wine and wine glasses.   Everything we liked was too small, too tall, and too pricey. 

My husband decided to use the cart we had our printer and scanner on, which just happened to be a buffet.  We bought this a few years ago while driving around looking at garage sales.  I saw it as we drove by for $15, when we were leaving the subdivision I asked my husband to stop.  They had marked it down to $10.  What a good find.

He rolled it into the living area, between the kitchen and living room.  It looks real cute where he put it. 

Our great garage sale find.  Keurig on top. Bottom shelf holding my tea cans and hot chocolate. 

We wanted something to hold the wine glasses in the buffet. I found this threshold piece in the flooring department.  My husband was looking at trim boards and trying to figure out which boards could be put together to make what we needed.  I showed him this board, which was just the right length to cut 3 lengths we needed and at a good price too.
The underside of the threshold board. 
My husband cut a board to fasten inside the door part of the buffet.  He is fastening the threshold boards underneath.

Three boards to attach.
Checking to see how it will hold the glasses. 

A good fit. 

He fastened the board inside the door beneath the small drawer.

The glasses in their place.

Room enough to store coffee cups under the glasses.

Now I am working on making drawer liners for the cabinets.  Here is a preview. 

Stacking up some pretty colors for my mats.

Happy Reading! 


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