Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My 2015 Project - Block 1

Here we go.  At the beginning of the year I posted I would be starting a new project.   I have started the project and so far have done little sewing or quilting on it.  Seems like one thing or another gets in the way.  

With that said, here is what I have so far. 

My husband picked out the colors.  Harley colors, so he has claimed this quilt to be his.  Gray will be the back of the quilt. Washed, dried, starched and pressed.  Let the cutting begin. 

All the blocks are cut into squares and strips.  More cutting once I start assembling each block.  12 different block designs, there will be 42 blocks total.

I like how everything is pre-cut ahead of time, including the backing and the batting.

The batting was leftover from several projects.  Not enough large pieces to do a single project, but when cut down I had enough for this one.  I decided to jazz up the back of the quilt and threw in a few orange pieces with the gray.  Might even throw in a black or two.

The first block.  Very simple.  Tracing the quilting pattern was a challenge.  The tracing board I had did not work well.  It was from when our girls were little, I think it could be considered an antique by now.  Had a night light in it.  So I checked them out online and found one at Hobby Lobby, which had good reviews from a quilter.  The store had it for about $5 cheaper than on-line, even better deal with the 40% off coupon I printed off from their website.
Same block design, but will have different quilting pattern.
The last one of this block.  As you can see my drawing needs improvement.  Wait until you see my quilting!
Squiggly Lines.  I am using a gold colored thread so the quilting stands out, which is the design/print of the quilt.  Good thing I can erase the lines because it was very hard to stay on the lines. 

The back. 
Grids. Though my lines are not all straight, I think this one came out pretty good. You might notice that some lines may be thicker or off a bit than others. So I don't have a lot of threads that need to be tied off, I am working on traveling stitch, where you go back over a stitch already there to get to another point.  Leah Day makes this look easy. For a beginner, it is not.

The back. I like how it looks.
Spirals. When I practiced doing spirals it seemed easy to do, then trying to follow lines was not easy at all. This looks almost scary.

The back.  I can see I missed a spot and had to go back and add more stitching. 

My first three blocks. I don't think they are horrible, but I definitely need some more practice.   If you would like to see more about this project, check out Leah Day's website, she does some amazing things with free motion quilting.

Happy Reading! 


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