Saturday, February 14, 2015

My 2015 Project - Block Two

This is the second block in my project.  I have had the blocks done for awhile and only one block quilted. 
This is truly going to be a year long project.

Three Nine Patch blocks ready to be marked. 
Marked and ready to go.
Still having problems with tracing the design, I started drawing one big circle in all the squares then I realized that some have 4 circles in them.  And I just noticed I missed some of the half circles on the side.  Practice, practice and more practice.

I'm excited about this one.  The squiggly line on the orange squares is just an all over pattern, so I didn't bother tracing that as I'm sure I'm pretty good at going all over the place with my stitching

The first was just straight lines.  Still need to work on the traveling stitch and stitching in the ditch.  Doesn't look too bad though. 

The back.  Only a few spots that look like the needle, thread, and bobbin didn't get along.

The next one was with the circles. I didn't like how they came out when I drew them.  Tracing them was worthless, and I tried to free hand them. Some of them came out as ovals.  Then I watched Leah Day's video on this block and she didn't even trace them.  She used a template!  Why didn't I think of this.  I don't have a circle template, but I do have items that I could draw around.  Found two in my sewing stuff.  Spools of thread.  They worked great.  
Small spool for the small circles.

Larger spool for the large circles and half circles.

Looks much better.  Good thing I have an eraser.

Not perfect, but much better than if I tried before I redrew the circles.  I did mess one up, so just made it a spiral, and Leah said it was okay to do.

The back.  Had some problems with the thread breaking on this one.  I'm not tearing these out because I feel it will add character to the final product and show how I am improving.  Okay, that is wishful thinking, in reality, I just don't want to tear them out.
The last one, my favorite.  As you can see, I do not follow lines  very good, however the orange squares look fantastic!

I can see that stippling will be my thing.

Very please with the back of this block, no "eyelashes" in my turns.  Looks like only one or two places where the thread built up.  

6 blocks down, 36 to go. On to block three.  

Hope you keep watching how my progress goes on this project.  I'm enjoying sharing this as much as learning it.   

Happy Reading! 


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