Saturday, March 21, 2015

My 2015 Project Block 3

Sorry, it has been awhile.  Besides sewing on my Building Block quilt, we did take a much needed vacation from the Indiana weather.  We visited our daughter in Florida and met her new horse.   

Now that we are home, I have been working on piecing blocks four, five and six.  I have just started to quilt them.  Before moving onto to those blocks, I do need to back up and show block three.  

This was easy to make, though I did not follow Leah Day's direction on piecing this block.  Instead of cutting the pieces before stitching them, I stitched the strips first, then cut the blocks.  It went pretty quick.

Getting ready to cut the sewn strips into blocks. 

Practice loops and writing.  Where nothing is written will be the same loops and writing, only done without guidelines. 

Circles and lines. 

The bottom rows I did half inch between the lines, then I noticed the pattern is showing more lines and closer together, so I made quarter inch lines.

The lines on this one I used a ruler to try to get good straight lines.   The curvy lines I did free hand.  

Lines are getting straighter and I don't think the circles look that bad either. 

The back side.

Short lines are better to do than long ones.  Still working on travel stitching, I can see where I went off the line several times.  

The back.  Decided to throw a black square on the back instead of just gray.

I like doing the curvy lines, even though I did not stay on the lines, I think I did pretty good.  The white lines will erase off, so I'm not concerned.  

Not a real good picture of the back, but I think it looks good.

Instead of doing the loops in the black and writing the word Love again, I changed it up.  I'm making this for my husband so it now says Love You.  I did go ahead and write the word before quilting it just so I could get the loops in the right place on the bottom. 
The back. 

I am having a lot of fun with this project.  It takes time and that is one thing I need to remember, not to rush when I'm trying to do the quilting.  

Happy Reading! 


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