Saturday, March 28, 2015

My 2015 Project Block 6

I was in the mood to piece so I did block six before I finished quilting blocks four and five.  I promise, the quilting will be coming soon.  

This is a fun block to make, check out Leah Day's site for piecing.  When cutting out the black and orange squares to start the block, I discovered I had material left over.  So what do you do with extra fabric, make more blocks.  I was able to get two more blocks out of the strips I cut. 

Getting better at matching up those corner seams.

Curved lines.  The other sections will have same quilting.  I'll be practicing this without the lines. Should be interesting. 

A spiral and pebbles.  Same here, a lot of practicing without lines. 

Lines and zig-zags. 

Curvy lines. 
The two extra blocks I decided to do something different.  Cut the block into thirds, then turned the middle straight pieces to form a new block.

Turned pieces. 

Sewn back together. I till have enough block to make the eight inch square in the middle for marking.

Somehow this one came out different.  I think I forgot to turn a couple straight pieces. 

Before and after.

Marking the blocks. 

Can't wait to show the quilting on these pieces.  With all the extra blocks I am making, my husband's quilt is going to be a bit larger than originally planned. 

After piecing three blocks in a row, I'm ready for the next motion quilting. 

Happy Reading! 


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