Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My 2015 Project Blocks 4 and 5

I decided to piece a couple of the blocks, then quilt them. So I pieced blocks four and five at the same time, and got them all marked to quilt.  You can see how these blocks are put together by clicking on the links below.  
Block four is on the right  and block five on the left.

Interesting way to make a block.  Drew the pattern on the black block, put it on top of the orange block and sewed on the line.  Afterward I cut close to the line to remove the black excess.  on the back I removed the orange excess in the middle. 

BLOCK 4 - Getting ready to stipple.  Check out the next block which shows different sizes of quilting.  This block will do the same getting smaller  as I go.  I'm excited about this.

Grid pattern.  Large, medium, small and tiny. The tiny grid (upper right) is not completely marked, once the quilting is done for the lines shown, I will then go between those lines.

The unmarked on this block, will be the same type pattern shown doing the same Large, medium, small, tiny scale. 

When I finished marking the first three, I couldn't figure out why I had an extra block.  Then I read in the guidelines that I would have an extra block to practice on. I need to start reading a little more thoroughly.  I decided to make circles.  I think it looks cool.  

Using my half circle template to start marking the curved block.

Curves and grid lines

Added some additional details.  My husband thinks these look Aztec in design.

Yeah, more curvy lines.

Spiral, this looks like it might be challenging.

Check back to see the quilted pieces soon. 

Happy Reading! 


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