Thursday, April 2, 2015

My 2015 Project Block 5 Part 1

Having a lot of fun doing the quilting on this project.  Learning what works and what doesn't.  I do better going from left to right than right to left, forward better than backward, and learning to turn the piece as I go so it is easier.    Here is the quilting on block five which was already pieced. 

Block five on the left.

My Aztec looking piece.  Straight lines are getting easier, still need some practice on traveling (the thicker lines), only missed in a few places. 

The opposite corner.  I found when doing the curved lines if I just slowly rotate my hand I get a pretty good curve.  Also when doing the straight lines if I only use one hand, lining my finger up with the needle, I can get pretty straight lines, otherwise my hands start fighting each other on what direction to go, kind of like when learning to drive a car. 

I did a fancy stitch on the raw edge to help hold it down and so it won't fray too much. 
The back.  I used my sewing machine to do this fancy stitch, with the same thread I am using for the piecing. 

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