Thursday, April 2, 2015

My 2015 Project Block 5 Part 2

Well, I can see this is going to be a great day.  For some reason I was not able to complete my last post due to technical difficulties.  I just could not go past the last picture.  So this will be the second part for block five.

So this is the final completed Aztec block.  I love the grid lines. 

The back.  

Squiggly lines.  Even though I drew the design first, I almost never can stay on the lines.  I must have failed this in Kindergarten.  Once I erase the white lines, no one will ever know, unless they see this post. 

The opposite end.  Added another fancy stitch on the raw edge.

Reminds me of a baseball.
The squiggly lines down the center were harder than I thought.  I found it easier to do the squiggly lines on the ends.

The back.
The last of this block.  I did a satin stitch on the raw edge, wasn't too happy with it.  It looks good, but just seemed like too much. 

The back of the satin stitch.  Good thing this is the back, not impressed.
Lots of curves.  As I said earlier rotating my hand while doing the curve resulted in some awesome looking curves.  I can tell my hands were fighting each other while doing the spiral in the center.  On the plus side, my spirals would look great on a Halloween quilt. 

The back.  So far I have not had any more issues with knots and dragon teeth on the backs of my pieces, they are looking pretty good.  
 This was a fun block to do.  My favorite so far, and the Aztec looking one was my favorite quilting so far, with the curved lines coming in second.  If I was to do this block again, I would have done the fancy stitching on the raw edges after I did the quilting, it would have hidden some of the lighter colored threads along the curve so they would not have been so noticeable. Onto quilting block six.  

Please check out Leah Day's website if you are interested in making this quilt.  The pattern can be purchased in print form or downloaded.  Lots of videos to help with the techniques too. 

Happy Reading! 


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  1. Beautifully done Ann! The Aztec block is also one of my favorites. I think your quilting is looking terrific! A lot will improve as you figure out your hand placement and what angle works the best to keep the block moving smoothly and give you the best view of the design.