Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My 2015 Project Block 6 Disappearing Pinwheel

I'm so excited about this block.  Not only was it an extra of block 6, I cut it down and made it into an all new block.  Quilting it was fun too and I think I did a good job on the quilting part.  

I took the pinwheel block and cut it into thirds. 

Turned the four center bars, then stitched the pieces back together.  I still have a tiny pinwheel in the middle.

These are the plans for the quilting.  I may change them up a bit when I do the actual quilting. I see a mistake on this piecing, can you see it?

The first on done.  curved lines, grid lines and swirl in the center.  I think I did great on this swirl. I like the grid lines too. 

The back.  The back of the quilt will have mostly gray squares, with a few orange and black mixed in.  
Curvy lines and pebbles.  Did I mention that I really like doing the pebbles?

This swirl is a little shaky, but I'm getting there.

My attempt to make a dog shaped pebble.

I'm getting pretty good at making heart shapes.

This is my best curvy line so far.  
The back, a little blurry, lots of travel stitching on the pebbles.

I like the puffiness of the pebbles.

I like that this heart stands out among the pebbles.

Six blocks down, six to go.  On to block seven, eight and nine.  I like to piece several blocks at once then do the quilting on them, gives me lots of time at each machine.  

Again, if you like this quilt and want to learn how to free motion quilt, please check out Leah Day's website.  She is an awesome teacher and has several videos for this pattern, which can also be purchased on her site in either download version or print.  

Happy Reading! 


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