Saturday, April 11, 2015

My 2015 Project Block 6 - more quilted

I've been busy lately, but not sewing though. 

We had company over for Easter lunch, so took one day to clean the place. Had a great time with the family.  Always nice to get together, missed my daughter though.

Finally finished my taxes that I started in January.  Found out we owed, so put off sending them in as long as possible. How we ended up owing the federal government, but not the state is beyond me. 

Now that the holiday is over, the place is clean and the taxes are done, I don't have to feel guilty when I sit down to sew.

I finished quilting two more of block six, and working on the two extras I made.  I am really enjoying making this quilt.  As I am sewing I have all kinds of ideas floating around my brain on what to make next, who to make it for, and how to pay for all this stuff.  I sure could have used a refund this year.

Take a look at the next two blocks that I quilted. 

This was just straight lines. Like the previous blocks, I drew in one corner then free hand the others. Can you tell which one I drew the lines?

The back. 

Swirls and pebbles.  I really liked doing the pebbles, and I think they came out awesome.  Still working on swirls, even did a few extras in the one section to fill in.

Up close of some of the pebbles. 

Have you ever seen a heart shaped pebble? Almost looks like water moving between the pebbles.
Oops, forgot to take a picture of the back of this one.

Next post will be the two extra blocks I made,  disappearing pinwheels.  I'm excited to show these off because I think I did a really good job on them. 

Happy Reading! 


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