Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My 2015 Project - Block 10

Getting ready to wind up this project.  Three more blocks to go then assembling them all. 

I had some issues with block ten.  It did not come out as the pattern shows, the top of my baskets did not match up.  I will have to work on this again sometime to master this block.

Not as many pieces in this block, and no tiny pieces like in block nine.

Top is black, the bottom square is orange.  Drew a line diagonally and then stitched a quarter inch from it on both sides. 

Cut down on the middle.

Pressed opened to a new square with two colors.

Lining the squares to make the basket.

Almost done.

Okay, this is not how it should look. The top two orange triangles should meet.  Everyone of my blocks came out this way, so I definitely need practice.

The completed block.  I did an applique for the handle.  Still irritated by the top of the basket. 
So I just fixed it with a heart.  All better. 
I loved doing the wavy grid lines on this basket.

Well, that curved lines looks terrible, tore it out and re-did it, and added more stitching across the whole handle and the heart.

The back. 
Love doing the stippling.  Just realized I did not go around the block and just quilted up to the marked line. 

The back.

Getting better at circles.  The back is below.

And more circles.  I like doing the curvy U lines, I also did them in the handle to make sure it was going to stay on.

An almost perfect circle.  The circles in this block were all done free-hand.  I drew grid lines first then filled them in with a circle.
And the back.

My favorite block will be next, block 11.  I love how it came out, corners and points all in alignment.  

To order this pattern or watch the quilting videos please stop by Leah Day's website.

Happy Reading! 


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