Saturday, June 6, 2015

My 2015 Project - Block 7

Well, it has been awhile. I have been busy working on blocks seven, eight and nine, piecing and quilting.

My husband and I also took a vacation sometime in late February - early March and flew down to see one of our daughters and her new horse.  Pretty little horse and it was good to see my daughter riding her several times with a big smile on her face. 

Here is my block seven. A lot of fun doing the piecing, even more fun doing the quilting.  I'm really enjoying this project. 

Block 7 a simple nine-patch. I put it together a little different than how Leah Day's pattern tells how to do the piecing.  She shows to cut the strips into 4 inch squares, then do all the piecing.  I sewed my strips together (black-orange-black and orange-black-orange) then cut them to the size I needed.  Either way, the result was the same.

Getting better at matching those corners.  

Made the nine-patch disappear by cutting the blocks in half and turning the lower left and upper right 180 degrees.  Then stitching them back together.  I love how they go from a tiny square to a larger, to medium, to larger back to the small.  Because some have the orange in the middle and some have black, they look so different it is hard to tell it is the same pattern. 

Nice matching of the corners.  I struggle with this. 

Pinned, marked and ready to sew.

Looks like grid lines again, but wait until you see this one finished.

This is an extra block for practicing.  I love the look of the grid lines so I chose them to do.  I put a little HD in the two small squares and will do some stippling on the black parts

Looks like a bulls-eye.
Bulls-eye completed.  Front and back.   I like doing the stippling.

My practice block.  I love the look of the grids.

Reminds me of the Fourth of July. 

All those grid lines turned into circles.  Some of my circles are a little off, but I think I did pretty well on them. 

Well off to work on block ten.  I will be posting blocks eight and nine in the next week because I am on vacation (YEAH!) and intend to catch up.  

Again if you like these blocks and quilting, please visit Leah Day's website, where you can order the pattern and view the quilting videos. 

Happy Reading! 


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