Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My 2015 Project - Block 8

Block eight was to incorporate a t-shirt into the block.  We could not find any t-shirts we liked at home, most were so faded the pictures were not even recognizable. So I bought a plain black t-shirt at Joann Fabrics for $2.50 and improvised.  My husband bought a Harley Davidson patch for one block, I stitched a couple sayings on two of the blocks, and the last I did my own applique. 

The rest of the block was paper piecing, which I love because all my points and corners look perfect. 

The four t-shirt centers of the blocks: 

The t-shirt squares will go in block 1, then using the numbers on the paper to add additional fabrics.  Sewing is done on the paper with the fabric underneath.

Parts 2 and 3 are added then 4 and 5.

First  five completed. 

Oops.  The material is under the paper when sewing so have to be careful not to catch some of the material in the seam incorrectly. Not fun tearing out those tiny-tiny stitches.

Pieces 6, 7, 8, and 9 completed.

Second time. I believe I did this three times.

Cutting off the excess material with a fancy 'add a quarter' ruler. 

Neat quarter inch seam allowance.

A lot of cut off when doing paper piecing.

Almost done.

Tearing off all the paper.  This is the only part I don't like about paper piecing.  Had to get a pair of tweezers out to get some of those little pieces. 

 The final blocks before quilting. 

After quilting.

The Harley patch block, front and back.

Ride Free - 2003 - front and back.

This was posted on face book not too long ago, my husband liked it.  He has recently started drinking coffee and he hates Mondays.  The back is below.

The date is when we got married.  Yes, celebrating 30 years tomorrow.  The back is below. 

I really liked doing the paper piecing on this block.  Block nine was not my favorite, too many small pieces. Will be posting those results in a few days.

Please check out Leah Day's website for more on making this quilt.    

Happy Reading! 


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