Saturday, June 13, 2015

My 2015 Project - Block 9

I am getting ready to quilt block 12 on this project, but decided to take a break and post about block nine.  This has been an interesting vacation to say the least, lots of sewing going on, driving to nowhere and back, and my husband is working on his own project in the garage.

Any way, back to block nine.  Previously I said I was not happy piecing this block, too many small pieces.  I also got confused as to which side to do next on the little house, so on three of the blocks the door is on the wrong side of the window.  I was glad to finish this block.

See what I mean, a lot of little pieces.  I had to label them with the letter and size so I would grab the correct one when piecing.

The roof was done first, okay so far.

The chimney and the sky.  Dark night.

The house.  The one on the top is the only one I did correctly (according to the directions).
The assembled houses.  Cute.  

Marked and pinned, ready to quilt.  

The finished blocks -
House #1 - The doors and windows looked uninviting, so I added window treatments and a heart on the doors. I really liked doing the stippling on this one, and I feel I am getting better at it.  I like doing the up and down U's too.  The back is below.

House # 2 - looks like a little log cabin with the sun shining brightly on it.   The back is below.

House #3 - Not sure I really like the curvy lines on the house itself, however I like the curved lines on the bottom. Do you like the curtains in the window?    The back is below.

House # 4 - Is that smoke coming out the chimney? On the bottom the pattern shows circles, not a fan of circles, so I did pebbles instead, which are basically circles that don't have to be perfectly round.

I love the look of the pebbles.

Even added them to the chimney. 
The back. 

Block ten coming next.  I am was not happy with how this block turned out so I came up with a little solution to correct my error.  Please come back and check it out.  

I am not trying to give instructions on how to piece this quilt or on free motion quilting, I am only showing my progress through out the project.  If you would like to purchase the pattern or see the quilting videos, please visit Leah Day's website.  

Happy Reading! 


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