Thursday, July 9, 2015

My 2015 Project

Well, I finished all twelve blocks.  I wanted to add my practice blocks into the quilt as well.  The pattern would be six blocks by seven blocks.  So I asked my husband what he would rather have,  seven by seven blocks or six by eight blocks.  Of course he wanted seven by seven, which required me to make three more blocks rather than two.  Oh well, I had fun making the next three blocks.

These are scrappy blocks.  Even the batting is scrappy.  I didn't want to cut into a whole new package of batting for just three blocks, so I looked into what I had left over from this project and others.  I found enough pieces to make three more ten inch square blocks, though I did have to do some sewing to get to that ten inches. 

The batting, zig-zag stitch to hold two pieces together to make a ten by ten inch block.
All the left over scraps I had from making the first twelve blocks.
I started with one piece of scrap material and just adding to it, alternating the orange, black and gray colors, until I got a enough sewn together to cut a ten inch by ten inch block.  

Lots of gray in this one, should pop out on the finished quilt.

Second block

Last block. 
I decided to quilt my favorite quilting from this project.  Grid lines, stippling and wavy lines.  Though I like the pebbles, didn't know if I wanted to do a whole block with pebbles though.  Maybe next time. 

The finished blocks.
Grid lines. I did draw the lines on this one just so I could make sure I went from corner to corner.  I love the way this feels now and can't wait until I wash it and feel how cuddly it will be.

The back. I love the diamond effect.

Wavy Lines.  No drawing on this one.  I started in the corners, then decided to just go up and down in the middle.  My husband had the same reaction as I did, saying it looked like the ocean waves.

The back, this is turned from the front so the wavy lines in the middle are looking horizontal.

Stippling.  I love how this turned out, and the nice thing about stippling is I can go all over and not worry about hitting an exact line or ditch.  With doing the all over technique, I'm not worried about the batting separating either.  There is plenty of stitching to hold it in place.

Stippling back.  Looking forward to washing this one too, it looks so cuddly. 

That is it.  Thirteen blocks.  Pieced.  Quilted.  Ready to assemble.  Just noticed, this is a good shot for Meijer. LOL

Check back to watch the assembly of this quilt.  

Happy Reading! 


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