Saturday, August 1, 2015

2015 Completed project and Unfinished projects

Here is the completed quilt.   I added extra blocks so it came out 7 blocks by 7 blocks. Not saying it is square, because no matter how hard I tried, my quarter-inch seams did not always come out a quarter-inch, so my vertical lines are off a bit .  Looking at the below pictures I can't really tell, but I know they are there. The left side was off about a half inch so I had to trim it so it looked straight, but I'm guessing it is still off about a quarter inch.  A lot of mistakes were done assembling this quilt, too many to post, but I still think it is awesome

My husband likes it.  Jack approves too.

I can see the lines off in this picture better than the front. 

The label I made on my Singer Quantum 9960.  I love this material for the labels. Looks old.
Picking and snipping the in-between threads, very time consuming.  I rack this right up with hand sewing/mending. UGH!
All done.  Looks much better without all the strings between the letters.  Today's project will be to attach it to the quilt.  Another hand sewing project.  

  This quilt pattern is from the Building Blocks Quilt by Leah Day. 

Unfinished Projects:

I have a tote that has been moved with us from one house, two apartments, to another house, and to two more apartments.  I pulled it out the other day and found several unfinished projects. 

A quilt started with four inch blocks.  Two blocks are sewn together.  That is as far as I got.  I will be putting this one together, it will be a practice quilt for my free-motion quilting. 

A log cabin quilt I started.  Both this quilt and the above quilt were started about 20 years ago.  The blue stripes in the middle were from shirts my husband wore. 

The stack of blocks started. Lots of pretty colors.  I have learned a lot in the past year about quilting, color, thread and seams.  These blocks have some serious issues.   It will be a very scrappy quilt.

I'm still going to complete this quilt.  It may be two or three quilts based on the amount of blocks I started.  Not sure what I was planning on this.  

This project I started about 5 years ago, before we moved from our last house.  Placemats.  I was trying to make them look like this table runner (see below) only on a smaller scale.   I was not successful doing so.  I'm still going to figure this out. 

Hope you come back to check out this and other projects that I have done.  Next post will be a project my husband has been working on.  

Happy Reading! 


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